Pandemic Parties

I’m excited to resume my Pandemic Party concert series online this Saturday night at 8pm and I’ve decided the night will be dedicated to songs of comfort as I think comfort is something we can all use a bit of right now.

These Pandemic Parties are happening on my Patreon page and I hope you’ll join me over there if you haven’t already signed up. You’ve heard me talk about Patreon from the stage and in these emails. You may be asking yourself “yeah, what the hell is that exactly?” Well, Patreon is a subscription service like Netflix where by joining for $5 a month, not only will you get access to the past year of content that I’ve released exclusively on the platform (collaborations, cover songs, musings, videos, writings), but you’ll also be a part of new creations that I share with this community. Your money goes directly to me and helps create a sustainable monthly income and more art for you. As months of touring have been canceled due to COVID-19, I can use your support now more than ever in navigating these strange waters.

I hope you’ll join me this Saturday and I hope you and the ones close to you are healthy and safe.

With all my love,