Listen to my Mountain Stage, Acoustic Cafe & Daytrotter Sessions

I can’t believe it, but I’m beginning to see a few leaves in western Mass start to change over. I guess this is a true sign that summer is wrapping up and fall is upon us. I’ve already got my apple pie orders in with Mom and have started packing warmer clothes for the upcoming fall tour (see dates below).

What a summer it has been! Lately I’ve been reminiscing about some of my stops along the way. From delicious country biscuits and gravy in Kerrville, Texas to a beautiful summer night under the starts in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. In June I was humbled by a hometown welcoming of 300 plus faces at a concert in Greenfield to benefit a local soup kitchen and followed that up by playing alongside one of my favorite bands, Dawes, on Mountain Stage in West Virginia the very next day.

Hear our Mountain Stage session here.


July brought me to Oklahoma where I sweated my ass off in a three-piece suit on the streets of Okema for my first time at the Woody Guthrie Festival. There is magic there. Teaching songwriting to some of the most prolific and talented 15- & 16-year-olds at the Rock On Summer camp was a thrill and spending an afternoon sharing songs and talking to one of my favorite radio personalities, Rob Reinhart, on his NPR show Acoustic Café in Ann Arbor was another highlight.

Hear our Acoustic Cafe session here.

August brought Joe and I some much needed Rocky Mountain air in Beaver Creek, Colorado and last week I got to learn how to fly fish the Blackfoot River in Montana. Good friends, lots of laughs, some great wine, and music. What a summer.

Often times my life feels like it moves so fast that I can’t keep up. Then again, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it goes fast enough. I’ll always be trying to find that balance and forever be inspired, satisfied, and grateful for all that this life continues to bring me. Here to paying attention and warm apple pie to come.


P.S. Take a listen to my 2015 session at the Daytrotter studio in Rock Island, IL here.


Song Premiere

SG-Craigslist Song (rockwell font)
If you’ve been to any of my shows recently, you may have sung along with me to a song about finding your ex has put your furniture up for sale on Craigslist. That song, “It’s a Bitch (Craigslist Song),” is premiering today on PopMatters! You can also buy it on iTunes here. Please listen and share!

UM Interview

“My music has always led my activism. I’ve found myself in a really interesting place, where I’m given a microphone, and I think that that comes with a responsibility.” Check out this interview with UMusicians chatting about the new album, working with Crystal Bowersox and activism.

It’s release day! Woohoo!

Nothing makes me prouder than to announce that my brand new album, If I Could Change One Thing, is officially released worldwide today!

I am beyond excited to share it with you all after writing almost 100 songs for this album, spending 30 days in Los Angeles recording it, and becoming friends with producer Bill Lefler and countless others along the way that were all a major influence and inspiration behind the project. I can’t remember a time where I’ve had so much fun making music.

If you haven’t bought the new album, please go do that right now here:
iTunes | AmazonMPress

If you have, I could use your help. What I’m asking for you to do is tell your friends about it on social media; post a photo on Instagram, give a status update on Facebook and tweet your heart out. It would mean the world to me. Oh, and don’t forget the old fashioned way of playing it for someone in person or dragging a friend out to a show. Hope to see you out there…

Humbly yours,


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