New album BIRDS out now

When people ask me what I do for a living, the best way I know how to answer them is by explaining to them why I do it.

I’m a songwriter and I believe that the way in which we tell a story ultimately has the power to change the story. I think that when someone lets a song into their heart it becomes a spirit. To me, songs are mediators between the spiritual and sensual world and I think that this world is in desperate need of them.

Today I’m very excited to release what I’ve been calling Birds into the world. It’s a collection of 11 songs that I’ve written and recorded by myself in my apartment over the past year. Some songs are about the death of my brother while others are about the life I see all around me since he passed. Some are about the birds I’ve become friends with in Massachusetts and many are my best attempt to say something useful about the time we live in.

So now the time has come where I am asking you to listen and if one of these songs magically finds its way inside of you please take care of that spirit, because it’s a part of me too.


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