New video: “Somebody Break My Heart”

“Somebody Break My Heart” was inspired by a new relationship I developed with water, during a writing residency in Key West Florida. I went down to work on some long-form memoir writing and found “my spot” at a picnic table, twenty feet from the shoreline of Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. I’d type into my iPad and when I would feel something like grief or shame wash over me in my writing, I’d take a break by jumping into the ocean and cleaning the tears from my eyes. Over the two weeks of rinsing and re-approaching, it became difficult to determine the water from my tears and the water all around me as I was floating in the ocean. My co-writer, Steve Nelson, and I tried to to write this song from that place of numbness pleading for feeling, waiting still in the quiet of the ocean floor. 

I knew I wanted water and specially movement through water as the predominate story telling aspect to the video. I searched “free diver” on Instagram and came across the choreography work of Gabriel Forestieri, and shared with him what inspired the song and that I’d love to have him consider making a music video for it. About three days later he emailed me back with a rough cut of footage he shot in Sicily. We made a few rounds of edits back and forth but this video sort of just happened without any discussion. We clearly both understood the feeling well, had a deep reverence for water, and working with Gabriel felt more like surfing the energy of an idea than making a music video. I’m eternally grateful and connected to them now.

I hope you enjoy the official video for my song “Somebody Break My Heart” premiering today in Metal Magazine.

Reflecting on the incredible healing powers of water and presenting instruments such as the plethora, samples of water and crushed sand, the artist creates an environment with a life of its own in which there is no room for superficial, pretentious or artificial elements: nature in its purest form. –Metal Magazine