“One of Us” ft. Raye Zaragoza out now

Sometimes songwriting is a bit like fishing. You go to a spot that you may have had some luck before and hopefully it’s a spot where a lot of little fish are nibbling at the bait. Sometimes a big one comes along and you land it. Sometimes you don’t. That’s fishing. They don’t call it catching. I think Eric Bazilian caught a whale when we wrote “One of Us.”  The idea is so huge and the delivery is so simple. There is a sense of God’s loneliness in this song that I related so strongly with, especially during this time of isolation. Eric’s question “Would you want to see, if seeing meant that you would have to believe?” felt so appropriate to the theme of this album. Am I willing to be accountable to what you know to be true? I am a fan of the Joan Osborne original but this song will always be etched in my community of family and neighbors singing around the piano. 

I wanted to strip this song down to its beams but still have it feel modern and not too folky. The keyboard is my Juno 60 and I’m joined by Raye Zaragoza on this track who added a whole other haunting element to this song. Raye is one of my favorite musicians out there right now so it’s a real treat to have her with me.

Listen here