Magic – A Holiday Spectacular

As the days get shorter, I am reminded just how much of our daylight this year has been spent in a strange kind of 2020 darkness. COVID-19 has disrupted much about our lives, our livelihoods, and our holiday traditions. In normal times, you might be planning family gatherings with grandparents and grandkids, caroling around a piano, or watching your kids eat all the chocolate from their advent calendar. For some, you may find yourself quite relieved and equipped with a solid CDC excuse of why you won’t be seeing your in-laws or won’t be hearing drunk Dave say something vulgar by the eggnog at this year’s holiday party.

For me, the holidays were always a time of tension in my home when I was growing up. The season can be hard on those suffering from addiction or in a family with a loved one who is. It can be a stressful season of feeling financially strapped as many of us are right now.

Much like 2020, the holidays are heavy and often sticky. However, I believe it is the darkness that gives the candles in the window their flickering contrast.

When I was a little kid, I collected as much magic from the holiday season as I could to contrast the stress in my home. As I look out at an uncertain world full of tension the child in me feels the urge to try and bottle up some of the magic from this season and share it with you. I also can’t help feeling that the world is in need of some magic right now.

Not the magic of illusion or trickery. We have enough of that.

I’m talking about the hope that allows us to see what is seemingly invisible and the flame that melts the myth of our separateness even as we still remain so distant from each other. 

On December 19th, I’m excited to share with you my first HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR Livestream.  The show will include music, jokes, dancing, and will featuring some of my good friends. Even Jesus Christ will be there!

I didn’t want to create a pay wall since so many of us are feeling uncertain about our financial futures. This show will be FREE on Facebook LIVE and YouTube. If you do have the means to support, I ask that you become a patron and join me in there.

I invite you to bring your imagination and share some magic with me on December 19th at 8pm.