New single “Stages” out now

We’re going through it all in stages.

Grief, love, transformation, obsession, creation. These are not fixed places I pass through. They are as temporary & cyclical as the seasons. Time in these stages is not something counted as it is guided. Like the burnt ember of maple leaves falling to the pavement each year. I too let myself go in pieces. 

I wrote “Stages” shortly after getting married. Perhaps it was the power of ritual or the power of our community, but we felt lifted up to a new place after the ceremony. For weeks after I had a difficult time relating to anyone other than my wife. Everything had changed. I remember standing in the grocery store buying milk and suddenly what was once a chore had the nobility of companionship attached to it. A year and a half in, I’m not always floating high in the clouds of the dairy section, but I know how to get there and having been there before, I know it’s a real place. A stage of love that is limitless and without ego or circumstance. Getting there is now a daily practice of trying to give myself away first.

I wrote this song to remind myself that no matter the country, the climate, the terrain or incline, perhaps the best medicine for your heart is a long journey.

Listen to “Stages” here