Pre-order my new album “If I Could Change One Thing,” coming April 7 on MPress Records


I’m so happy to finally tell you that my new record, If I Could Change One Thing, will be released to the world on April 7th via MPress Records.

If I Could Change One Thing is produced by Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional) and I can’t remember ever having this much fun making music. I got to play with some of the finest players Los Angeles had to offer, was both supported and challenged by Bill’s genius in the studio, and was even lucky enough to enlist my friend Crystal Bowersox to sing the title track as a duet with me.

I feel grateful to have worked with some of the best songwriters on the planet. I wrote 4 songs with Steve Seskin (Tim McGraw, Peter Frampton, Kenny Chesney, Peter, Paul, & Mary), a song with hit maker Trent Dabbs (“Girls Chase Boys” by Ingrid Michelson), and the title track with long time friend Liz Longley. It includes all of the elements of music that I love so much. It’s poppy, bluesy, vulnerable, brave, raw, and even a little dancy here and there.

Often times I think the “story” we tell ourselves is ultimately how we develop our ideas around events in our lives. This year I wrote about 100 songs in search of that story. Trust me, about 80 of those songs weren’t that great but the 13 that found a place on the landscape of this album are some of the most honest I’ve ever written. Usually finishing a record comes with some anxiety about what people will think. Of course, I do want you to like it but this time around anxiety is not what I’m feeling. I’m feeling more proud than I’ve ever been and I feel like I’m not climbing the mountains alone.

I wanted to do something special as a thank you for all your support over the years, so I’m launching a pre-order campaign through PledgeMusic. Not only can you pre-order my new album and automatically get a digital copy delivered to you on April 7th, but you can also order a copy of my “Demo Podcast” that has exclusive commentary, VIP experience on tour, and much more. I will also be sharing unreleased videos, behind-the-scenes and private updates that will only be in PledgeMusic.

Pre-order now:

A new record also sets way for a new tour and that puts a big smile on my face because I get to see you! I’m excited to witness what the rest of this new year will bring and humbled that you’re still part of the journey with me.